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ALPHA Application Of Inverter In Mechanical Presses Case

Shortcomings of traditional press:

1. the motor has been in a State of motion, so the number of workpieces per minute is fixed, not using and processing functions to automate press surrounding equipments.

2. each processing cycle, are through the clutch action-press-brake action these necessary steps, so processing inefficiencies, and clutch and brakes are easy to wear.

3. because of the speed of the flywheel is not adjustable, so the impact on energy fixation and processing small pieces when “big horse-drawn trolley”, thus wasting energy.

4. motor start and stop time, power, machinery and have a greater impact.

According to the above information, along with the inverter performance maturity and popularity, we altered the scheme is proposed.

Frequency conversion transformation:

Impact of mechanical press, conditions of short trips, we choose to transform ALPHA600G series inverter

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