Stamping is one of the most universal terms in the metalworking industry. It encompasses applications such as punching, blanking, embossing, perforating, coining, trimming and even general forming. This array of applications requires incredibly diverse machinery, from large mechanical or hydraulic presses to small table top or benchtop presses.

World Group is a leading China manufacturer of built to order hydraulic stamping presses and hydraulic metal stamping press designed to serve the stamping world. In certain applications hydraulic stamping presses provide significant benefits over their mechanical counterparts, including the ability to apply full tonnage throughout the stroke and precisely control the ram’s pressure and position. Precision and programmability are vital to create the most efficient stamping operation and protect your investment in tools and machinery from unnecessary wear.

Specially suitable for metal sheet deep drawing and stamping, widely used in kitchen applicance, automobil parts, etc processing. World Precise Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China hydraulic press manufacturers equipped with professional factory, welcome to wholesale cheap hydraulic oil press, hydraulic punching machine, hydraulic stamping machine, hydraulic deep drawing press from us.

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