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Metal processing online reported particularities of today’s automotive body in white material, according to the characteristics of different materials to provide the appropriate stamping and stamping equipment, with direct drive servo press line technology, and multi-position progressive with direct drive servo technology brings new opportunities. Apart from upgrading the plant’s stamping equipment, cable outside the efficient simulation of simulation technology and automation technology. Stamping workshop in energy-saving and environmental protection is also an important strategy. With the changing models, growing mold, mold testing strategy is also becoming an important part of the stamping shop productivity.

Judging from the vehicle characteristics, in order to meet the environmental protection and energy saving, lightweight technology of car industry pay attention to, require the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum or alloy materials. In addition to this is the high strength steel can be divided into high-strength and ultra high strength sheet steel (ultra high strength steel main structure), and between special forming for steel plate.

OEM stamping workshop, generally 10 die set, corresponding to 15~17 parts. 10/17 parts, molds are divided into two groups, one for a kind of large size, mainly door panels and fender, and the other is a class b, such as plate, cover or back cover. 5 or 4 order of the stamping equipment, according to different vehicle design corresponds to the size you want, and process granularity around (4.5~5M) x (2.5~2.6 m).

Stamping with servo direct drive technology, typically a large press line. German multi-6 series, Department of Japanese and Korean use 5 sequences, used 4, 5 series in Europe and America. For very large sheet metal, tonnage, 20 000~25 000kN press tonnage, 12 000~16 000kN, 10 000kN for follow-up. Large press line operation mode, the mechanical and servo are available continuously, consists of 3 main components: depalletizer flexible and efficient, stamping parts for mechanical presses, hydraulic presses and hydraulic servo drive machine, end process discharging process. Capture, stamping station spacing is reduced to 5.2m, improve space utilization. If the robot is generally 6.6m, compared to normal 8M spacing improves the efficiency of transmission line and beat.

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